Through collaboration and cooperation in experimentation we will bring the power of the winemaking
collective to bear upon wine production issues of importance to winemakers throughout the industry. We will strive to provide data driven decision-making which will deliver impactful options and solutions throughout the wine fermentation, cellaring and ageing processes.


Who we are – What we do


ARC Advisory Council

The ARC is an industry organization with an organized structure.  ARC leadership comes from our membership but is supplemented by a volunteer Advisory Council composed of wine industry professionals who are not production winemakers and bring a complimentary perspective on the current issues facing the industry as a whole. The Advisory Council helps to guide the overall structure of the ARC as well as serving to shape and focus the trials which the membership chooses to pursue.

ARC Sponsorship by Laffort®

Laffort® is uniquely positioned to be the sponsor of an industry organization such as the ARC.  In business since 1895, Laffort® has pioneered the introduction of many innovations in the wine industry through a foundation of global research with representation in every major winegrowing region in the world.  In addition resources such as BIOLAFFORT®, SARCO® Laboratories, a dedicated Research Winery and affiliations with many leading enology research institutions world-wide place Laffort® at the forefront of global winemaking innovation. Laffort® USA serves as sponsor of the ARC by providing leadership on the Advisory Council, arranging and facilitating the Annual Strategic Planning Meeting, Member and Advisory Council meetings, supporting the analytical budget for the trials, providing discounted materials for selected trials and by providing face to face advice on trial implementation through the participation of the Laffort regional technical representatives.

Applied Experimentation

The Applied Research Cooperative is just what the name implies, a cooperative group of wineries committed to an iterative approach to applied research questions and issues in the winemaking industry. The ARC does not ask basic research questions, we engage in current applications, be they enological products or winemaking practices and the impacts those practices can make on standard winemaking outcomes.  The ARC strives to gain quantitative data on the trials that are implemented, in addition qualitative data from evaluations such as structured wine tastings is gathered and analyzed in a statistical manner to give it a quantitative meaning.


Membership in the ARC is limited to a select rotating group of winemakers who view both science and art as essential to developing their winemaking skills. ARC membership has numerous benefits as well as some basic responsibilities.  The interactions between ARC member winemakers is open, honest, inquisitive, critical and always respectful.  The opportunity to explore issues of today and tomorrow through a view of the past and future in an open environment with a group of peers has been cited as the best benefit of ARC membership.  Having a critical mass of experienced minds exploring issues openly is at the heart of continuous improvement in any industry.


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