ARC – Annual Goals and Timelines

January/February/March *research project implementation – ageing trials
January *Advisory Council meeting at Unified Symposium
January *ARC Seminar at Unified Symposium
April/May June * monthly communications – research project focus and commitment
August *research planning/coordination meeting – pre-harvest reminders
September/October *research project implementation – fermentation trials
November/December *research project implementation – cellar trials


**ANNUAL PLANNING MEETING – 1 day, sponsored by Laffort, to be held at a conference center and will include review session on previous year projects, communication strategy for completed projects and facilitated brainstorming and strategic planning for future projects.  Social time and events may be included.  Laffort sponsored invited speaker may be part of keynote welcome.


Annual Communication Opportunities


January *research presentation(s) at Unified Symposium, Sacramento
February/March *research presentation(s) at Oregon Wine Symposium, Portland
*research presentation(s) at WAWGG Annual Meeting, Kennewick
*research presentation(s) at WiVi Central Coast, Paso Robles
April/May *research presentation(s) at Laffort Rendezvous
*research presentation(s) at WBM Innovation & Quality Symposium, Napa
June *research presentation(s) at Laffort Export Meeting, France
*research presentation(s) at ASEV Annual Conference
*research presentation(s) through Laffort Webinars
July *research presentation(s) at annual scheduled Laffort Technical Seminar
*research presentation(s) through Laffort Webinars
November *research presentation(s) at NVGGA Rootstock, Napa
November/December *research presentation(s) at WIN Expo, Santa Rosa


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