ARC Sponsorship by Laffort

Laffort® is uniquely positioned to be the sponsor of an industry organization such as the ARC.  In business since 1895, Laffort® has pioneered the introduction of many innovations in the wine industry through a foundation of global research with representation in every major winegrowing region in the world.

In addition resources such as BIOLAFFORT®, SARCO® Laboratories, a dedicated Research Winery and affiliations with many leading enology research institutions world-wide place Laffort® at the forefront of global winemaking innovation.

Laffort® USA serves as sponsor of the ARC by providing leadership on the Advisory Council, arranging and facilitating the Annual Strategic Planning Meeting, Member and Advisory Council meetings, supporting the analytical budget for the trials, providing discounted materials for selected trials and by providing face to face advice on trial implementation through the participation of the Laffort regional technical representatives.

The Laffort Story from Origin in 1895 to Present, A history of Service and Innovation

Laffort Timeline – 120 Years of Innovation

Laffort’s unceasing commitment to oenology is, by nature, its ‘raison d’être’.

Laffort Innovation Awards

Laffort Research and Innovation

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