Benefits and Expectations

ARC Member Benefits:

  •  Opportunity to discuss wine industry problems and issues in collective, common setting
  •  Creation of synergy through collaboration with critical mass organization
  •  Reduce overall cost of research through cooperative experimentation
  •  Increase chances of success in research projects through iterative approach
  •  Leverage assets involved in investigating industry-wide concerns
  •  Develop data driven solutions by eliminating uncontrolled, poorly designed or one-off experimentation
  •  Opportunity to access Laffort innovations before the general industry


ARC Member Expectations:

  •  Collaborate and cooperate with other ARC members in the planning and implementation of ARC trials
  •  Participate in iterative experimental, pilot and production scale ARC trials
  •  Openly share all trial protocols, data and observations from the ARC trial process
  •  Participate in the Annual Planning Meeting, attending all sessions
  •  Participate as appropriate in the written and oral communication of ARC trial results
  •  Contribute to the intellectual Planning, Design, Implementation, Interpretation and Communication of ARC trials even if you cannot participate in the hands-on iterative application aspects
  •  Try to participate in ARC trial physical implementation at least every other year


ARC Benefits for Laffort:

  •  Exposure to industry opinion on current issues, challenges, needs through annual and continuing meetings
  •  Introduction of Laffort product based solutions in response to current industry concerns
  •  Iterative production scale trials with Laffort enological products
  •  Side by side comparative production scale trials between Laffort enological products and competitor products
  •  Elevation of Laffort brand profile through show of good corporate citizenship through cooperative organization


ARC Commitments from Laffort:

  •  Supply Laffort product material at a 25% discount as necessary for completion of projects
  •  Dr. Peter Salamone, Technical Manager Laffort USA serves on ARC Advisory Committee
  •  Shaun Richardson, General Manager Laffort USA serves on ARC Advisory Committee
  •  Participate with ARC Coordinator and Advisory Council in administrative functions for organization
  •  Review experimental design for ARC research projects and provide feedback
  •  Participate in data analysis and interpretation for ARC research projects
  •  Facilitate ARC research project written and oral communications
  •  Coordinate communication events throughout the year
  •  Coordinate sub-committee formation for administration of specific project goal achievement
  •  Host Annual Planning Meeting to include securing; venue, brainstorming facilitator and agenda development
  •  Recruit global experts to address ARC membership at Annual Planning Meeting
  •  Participate in ARC member recruitment
  • Have Laffort Technical Representatives available as ARC information resources for ARC members

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