A significant quality parameter of red wines is the color and tannin content. Darker wines are perceived as higher quality and overall tannin concentration can impact mouthfeel, structure, stability, astringency and perception of overall quality of the wine. Numerous techniques have been shown to increase extraction of both color and tannins, however stabilization of the extracted compounds can be elusive.

In this trial the combination of a specific enzyme, Lafase HE Grand Cru, and joint application of two different fermentation tannin products, Laffort Tanin VR Supra (or Elegance) and Tanin VR Color, will be tested for the selective extraction and stabilization of both color and tannins in red wines.

Experimental Question(s): Can significant levels of color and tannin be extracted and stabilized in red wines through proper use of enzymes and fermentation tannins? Does this positively impact the sensory perception of the resulting wines?
Strategy: In parallel tanks use two different process regimens in the extraction and stabilization of red wine lots from the same vineyard. Experimental Protocol – HE Grand Cru, Tanin VR Supra, Tanin VR Color.

The control for this trial can be the standard winery process so long as that process is not the same as the experimental process. Use of competitor enzymes and/or tannins can act as a control against the application of the experimental protocol of HE Grand Cru and the combination of Tanin VR Supra and Tanin VR Color.pra and Tanin VR Color.

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