Increasing thiol aroma molecules such as 3-SH, 3-SHA and 4-MSP can significantly impact the flavor-aroma profile of specific wines especially Rose’ and Sauvignon Blanc. Stabulation is a process of holding partially clarified juice at very low temperature for coordinated times/temps prior to fermentation initiation. A revolutionary new enzyme application has been developed by Laffort which can also enhance the thiol development in select wine/yeast combination vinifications either alone or in combination with Stabulation.

The purpose of this trial is to compare a process method, Stabulation, to traditional processing OR to compare an enzyme treatment, Thiol Enzyme, either with or without Stabulation processing with thiol aroma-flavor development as the measurable by tasting panel and E-Nose.

Control treatment vs Experimental for this trial is as follows:

Traditional juice processing vs Stabulation


Traditional juice processing vs Thiol Enzyme application


Traditional juice processing vs Stabulation AND Thiol Enzyme application

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